Norway House paramedic responds to own son's death

Mitchell Menow was hit by an SUV on June 1 while walking in Norway House. The driver has been charged with impaired driving.

'It was just a feeling that I had that night, somehow I knew it was my son,' says Susan Menow

Mitchell Menow died after being hit by a drunk driver in Norway House. (Facebook)

Paramedic Susan Menow was on call in Norway House on June 1, a usual night. But that all changed. At about 11:30 pm, she got a page about a pedestrian hit by an SUV.

"It was just a feeling that I had that night, somehow I knew it was my son," said Menow.

She said as she was running out the door, her house phone rang.

"My niece, she practically yelled over the phone, Susan come over here right away, Mitchell has been hit and he is just laying there," said Menow.

Susan Menow was the first responder when her son, Mitchell Menow, was hit by a SUV while walking in Norway House. (Facebook)
She said her worst nightmare had come true; responding to something involving one of her children.

Menow said she heard screaming and yelling as soon as she left her house. Her son had been hit just down the street. Menow and her husband were the first on scene. She said at that point she was there as a mother, not a paramedic.

"From what I remember, I was practically pulled away from my son," said Menow. "There were other paramedics that showed up that actually weren't on call. They're the ones who took him."

Her 24-year-old son, Mitchell Menow, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

RCMP have charged a 41-year-old woman with impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death, impaired driving, driving without a licence and possession of marijuana.

The accused was released on bail and is set to appear in a Norway House Court on July 7.

"It makes it harder on us because we as the family don't want to go out in the community," said Menow. "We don't want to bump into anybody. I am scared to see them."

Mitchell Menow leaves behind his girlfriend and their 21-month-old son. His mother said her daughter-in-law is having a hard time coping with his death. Menow said they are leaning on each other for support.

"I'm not sure how I should feel knowing that this could have been prevented," she said.