New wing of Misericordia Health Centre now open

With the unveiling of the Buhler Eye Care Centre Tuesday, phase one of the Misericordia Health Centre's redevelopment plan has been completed.

Maryland building now contains Buhler Eye Care Centre, largest facility of its kind in Western Canada

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      Phase one of the Misericordia Health Centre's redevelopment plan has been completed.

      The $43 million project includes the Buhler Eye Care Centre, PRIME program, and Ambulatory Diagnostic Centre, which are set to open in stages.

      “Theres lots of improvements associated with this building that will make a big difference to patient care,” said Dr. Brock Wright with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

      The Buhler Eye Care Centre is fully functional, providing Manitobans with eye assessments, treatments, and more than 12,000 eye surgeries annually. The facility is the largest of its kind in Western Canada and includes the Misericordia's Eye Bank.

      The Diagnostic Centre is now adjacent to urgent care and provides patients with convenient access to diagnostic imaging and the Diagnostic Services Manitoba Laboratory, which will help to increase the speed and ease of treatment.

      "Previously patients would have to travel to the fourth floor of an adjacent building in order to get their lab and [diagnostic] work done,” said Brock. “Now, if they are in urgent care, they can just walk across the hall and have those treatments provided."

      The PRIME program is set to open in the spring of 2015 and will provide seniors with medical experts, recreational and social activities, personal care, rehabilitation and support for their families. It is designed to complement Misericordia Heath Centre's existing long-term care programs for seniors wanting to remain in their own homes as long as possible.

      Phase two of the redevelopment will include the demolition of the hospital's Sherbrook Street building and the creation of a new building that will join the existing Cornish Avenue and Wolseley Avenue buildings.

      The province invested $38 million in phase one redevelopment, with an additional $5 million raised by the Misericordia Health Centre Foundation.