New rec centre in Winnipeg's Fort Rouge area opens to public

Winnipeg residents are gaining access to a new multi-million dollar recreation centre in the Fort Rouge area Wednesday

3,600-square-foot centre on corner of River Ave. and Donald St. to provide free-play programming

The Mayfair Recreation Centre, located on the corner of River Ave. and Donald St., has a basketball court, multi-purpose room, kitchen and will provide a number of services intended to be used by Fort Rouge families and community members. (Sara Calnek/CBC)

Winnipeg is getting a new multi-million dollar recreation centre in the Fort Rouge area.

Mayor Sam Katz and Kevin Chief, Centre and Youth Opportunities Minister, unveiled the new Mayfair Recreation Centre Wednesday.
The 3,600 square foot Mayfair Recreation Centre will provide free-play programming for children in the Fort Rouge neighbourhood. (Sara Calnek/CBC)

Chief said the centre will offer support services for kids in the area.

"I've always said if we don't give young people something positive to belong to, they don't wait for us," said Chief. "Someone will seek them out and get them involved in something negative."

The 3,600-square-foot centre, located at the corner of River Avenue and Donald Street, contains a basketball court, kitchen, multi-purpose activity room, storage for Winnipeg Harvest donations and outdoor asphalt courts that will be flooded and used as a skating rink in the winter.

The centre is meant to provide extra family and community services to the public.

“This facility supports volunteers and community leaders who work to give families a sense of belonging in their neighbourhoods and provides young people opportunities to discover and grow their talents,” said Chief in a release. “By working together on projects like these, we are building a city where the future is bright.”

The city and province contributed $2.3 million to the project; $1.5 million came from the Building Communities Initiative II shared equally by the city and the province. The city pitched in an additional $800,000 from its capital fund.

“Mayfair Recreation Centre serves the community by providing a safe place for youth and families to share in teaching and learning in the community kitchen, enjoy sports and recreational activities, and by providing much-needed space to community groups that support safe and healthy living,” said Katz in a release. 

The centre has earned a Manitoba Hydro Power Smart Designation for its construction and design. It was built using precast concrete panels and contains a number of green construction materials, including a bench made of reclaimed elm trees.