New Leaf plans Grey Cup charter flights to Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and New Leaf Travel Company are working on a way to get bums in seats at the 2015 Grey Cup. President and CEO Wade Miller let slip the travel company will arrange charter flights for Grey Cup contender cities to Winnipeg.

The charter flights will allow fans from Grey Cup contender cities to fly in for the game

Winnipeg Blue Bombers president and CEO Wade Miller is looking for new ways to get football fans from across Manitoba and Canada to the 2015 Grey Cup. (CBC)

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are looking at creative ways to get bums in seats at the 2015 Grey Cup.

With the CFL's big game only 47 days away in Winnipeg, team President and CEO Wade Miller spoke to the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Wednesday.

He let slip the team is working with New Leaf Travel Company on a way to bring more fans to the game.

"They're going to have a charter from the cities that win the [Eastern and Western final]," Miller said.

"So you'll actually be able to fly, they'll do one on Thursday but also do one [flight] on the day of the game. So a unique experience you get to fly in for the Grey Cup," Miller told the crowd.

Miller said the team is also working with VIA Rail to bring people in from other parts of the province to experience the Grey Cup in Winnipeg.

"We wanted to make the Grey Cup Festival not just about Winnipeg but about Manitoba and make it very inclusive," Miller said.

There is an issue of hotel capacity in the city for the game.

Miller has approached, an on-line site where people can offer up their homes for travellers.

"Airbnb is putting a request out there now for people that may actually want to actually open up their homes and rent out your home for the week or four days so there's that opportunity," Miller said.