New Forks bike path will connect St. Boniface to Osborne Village

The Forks unveiled plan to convert a two-lane road into one lane for cars, a raised bike lane and a sidewalk on either side.
This is the artist's mock-up of what the new bike path will look like following the renovations. (Scatliff + Miller + Murray)

The Forks has unveiled its plan to convert the two-lane road that runs through the area into one lane for cars, a raised bike lane and a sidewalk on either side, connecting Winnipeg's Osborne Village to St. Boniface​.

"This is an old roadway that was never designed for pedestrians, wheelchairs, strollers or bikes, so we're taking the opportunity now to start this first phase of a cycle track," Paul Jordan, CEO of The Forks North Portage Partnership, told CBC's Radio Noon Wednesday. 

This is the proposed route for the completed cycle track at the Forks. (The Forks)

Jordan said he is seeing a lot more cyclists in the area already and he thinks more will come with the construction of this bikeway that will connect paths along the Assiniboine River to the Esplanade Riel bridge. 

The project is expected to come with a $160,000 price tag and be accessible year-round with snow clearing.

Jordan said initially there weren't enough bikes coming through the area but as cycling infrastructure has increased around the city, it is time for the Forks to step up as well. 

"Of course people aren't going to use it if it doesn't go anywhere but when it starts connecting and it starts going places, people will start using it," Jordan said.

"People drive cars, people ride bikes and people walk and we need to have an answer for all of them."

There are additional projects that are to come in future years Jordan said, such as expanded bike lanes and bike kiosks and racks.


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