Manitoba election: NDP promises roads, rail relocation, rapid transit

The NDP promises to "transform Winnipeg" by completing an inner ring road, moving out the rail lines and expanding on rapid transit, leader Greg Selinger announced Wednesday morning.

NDP would build inner ring road included in 50-year-old City of Winnipeg master plan, leader says

The NDP promises to "transform Winnipeg" by completing an inner ring road, moving out rail lines and expanding rapid transit, leader Greg Selinger announced Wednesday morning. 0:54

The NDP promises to "transform Winnipeg" by completing an inner ring road, moving out rail lines and expanding rapid transit, leader Greg Selinger announced Wednesday morning.

"We believe in Winnipeg's future, and we know these strategic investments will continue to move the city forward. This work has already begun, but we can't stop now," he said, then took a shot at the Progressive Conservative party leader.

"Brian Pallister has no vision and no plan for Winnipeg — except to let our economy and our growth sputter out and leave federal stimulus money on the table."

For 50 years, the City of Winnipeg's master transportation plan has included an inner ring road, which is currently set for completion in 2031. Selinger said an NDP government would fast-track completion, starting with Chief Peguis Trail, and share the costs 50/50 with the federal government.

It will be built to provincial highway standards and be integrated with Lagimodiere Boulevard, Bishop Grandin Boulevard and a widened Kenaston Boulevard/Route 90, Selinger said.

(Manitoba NDP)

"The NDP has the strategic infrastructure plan and political will to bring our vision of a connected city to life," he stated in a news release. "We will help build Winnipeg into a city we can be proud of for years to come."

Funding will come from the NDP's $10-billion core infrastructure plan — above and beyond all existing funding to the City of Winnipeg, he added.

"This will give the City of Winnipeg the flexibility to focus its infrastructure dollars on fixing local roads and potholes," said Selinger. "And the province will still pay for 50 per cent or more of local road renewal.

"This is a bigger share of infrastructure funding than Rana Bokhari is offering, and far more than Brian Pallister's plan, plain and simple."

The inner ring road will complement the NDP's promise to relocate urban rail lines, getting them out of residential neighbourhoods to create opportunities for housing development and rapid transit links in Winnipeg's core, the party news release stated.

Currently the province and the City of Winnipeg are undertaking a feasibility study and have launched a task force on relocating rail lines out of Winnipeg.


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