Manitoba NDP unveils $10B core infrastructure plan

Manitoba NDP Leader Greg Selinger says the party's $10-billion core infrastructure plan includes twinning the Trans-Canada Highway in the eastern part of the province.

Party's strategy includes pledge to spend $6.6B on provincial highways and bridges

Manitoba NDP Leader Greg Selinger talks about the party's promise to spend $10 billion on core infrastructure if re-elected on April 19. 0:42

Manitoba NDP Leader Greg Selinger says the party's $10-billion core infrastructure plan includes twinning the Trans-Canada Highway in the eastern part of the province.

Selinger unveiled details of the party's infrastructure strategy on Wednesday, pledging to spend the $10 billion by the year 2022 if his party is re-elected on April 19. That amount nearly doubles the NDP government's existing five-year, $5.5-billion core infrastructure plan, he said.

The NDP's strategy includes a promise to spend $6.6 billion on provincial highways and bridges, which would include the planning and design work to twin the Trans-Canada east of Winnipeg to the Ontario border.

Twinning that section of the highway would allow the province to raise the speed limit there to 110 km/h, which is the speed limit west of the city.

As well, the NDP says it would rebuild the Perimeter Highway from Portage Avenue to St. Anne's Road to include five state-of-the-art interchanges that would eliminate traffic lights, speed up traffic flow and make intersections safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Other highway projects that are in the NDP's strategy include:

  • Completing work to rebuild Highway 75, in part with higher bridges over the Morris River, so it meets U.S. interstate flood standards.
  • Upgrading Highway 6, which runs to the province's north, by "paving it to wider national standards," adding passing lanes and improving intersections.
  • Rebuilding Highway 10 from Flin Flon, Man., to the Canada-U.S. border and adding passing lanes.
  • Building bypass roads linking CentrePort, an inland port in Winnipeg, with the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 75.
  • Spending at least $100 million on active transportation infrastructure, such as a trail from St. Norbert to Birds Hill Park.

As well, Selinger said a re-elected NDP would boost the province's funding share for major projects in Winnipeg, such as the Chief Peguis Trail extension and work on the Louise Bridge.

The funding boost would be part of a "new, flexible partnership with the City of Winnipeg" that would also include $250 million to renew city roads, the NDP said in a news release.

The NDP pledges to spend $900 million to work on the Portage Diversion and the Shellmouth Dam, improve flood protection in Brandon, support community dikes and work with First Nations communities to build flood outlets for Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin.

Promises for northern economy

The NDP also released more details Wednesday on its plan to upgrade highways in the north and boost the region's economy.

In addition to Highway 6 and 10, $33 million will go into PR 373 and PR 374 and more than $21 million will be put into roads in The Pas.

The party is also promising to create a new forestry advisory council with First Nations leaders and industry representatives to ensure revenues and benefits are shared. 


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