Nazim Cicek

Nazim Cicek is a professor and associate head in the department of biosystems engineering at the University of Manitoba. His research interests include biological waste treatment, renewable energy production, anaerobic digestion, and production of bioplastics and biopolymers. He teaches courses in the environmental engineering area.

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Missing the forest for the trees: In climate change fight, simplest solutions might be the most obvious

While news about climate change often inspires pessimism, a new study offers some hope, says University of Manitoba professor Nazim Cicek. It suggests there is global capacity to plant at least 1.25 trillion more trees worldwide, which could take 205 gigatonnes of carbon out of the atmosphere.

How a shift to electric vehicles is driving change in 'China's Silicon Valley'

Once suffocating from the effects of smog, Shenzhen now has some of the cleanest air among cities in China. What's driven this change? In short, it's what Shenzen is driving, says U of M engineering professor Nazim Cicek — electric vehicles.

Solar energy rebates are a bright idea for utilities like Manitoba Hydro

Rebates for solar energy projects are an economical way to create energy capacity for future growth and reduce the environmental footprint of utilities' operations, which is why Manitoba Hydro should continue to offer its solar energy incentives, says Nazim Cicek.

Here's a pipeline we can all get behind

There is a pipeline that economists, environmentalists and all levels of government can all support: One that takes biogas from a landfill to a power plant where it can be used for fuel.

Nothing holding back electric buses except lack of will, fear of change: U of M engineering prof

A just-released report suggests that Winnipeg Transit should start with a rather modest deployment of 12-20 electric buses. But more concrete timelines on each step and complete electrification of Winnipeg Transit are needed, says U of Manitoba engineering professor Nazim Cicek.