Manitoba·★★★★ Review

My Dreams Are Stupid

FOUR STARS Don’t let the title of J.D. Renaud’s new one-man show discourage you - this local comedian and artist’s dreams are anything but stupid.

FOUR STARS | Don't let the title of this show discourage you: this artist's dreams are anything but stupid

(J.D. Renaud)

Rating: ★★★★

Company: Ditch Water, Winnipeg

Genre: Play — Comedy

Venue: 3 — The Playhouse Studio

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Don't let the title of J.D. Renaud's new one-man show discourage you. This local (via Oakville, Ont.) comedian and artist's dreams are anything but stupid. Rather, the title becomes Renaud's leaping off point for a "motivational speech" that subverts the dreary trappings of such a designation, like a scrappy TED Talk junior that manages to outdo its senior in heart and style.

Like a scrappy TED Talk junior that manages to outdo its senior in heart and style.- Kelly Stifora

​Renaud may be projecting his multimedia onto a wrinkled bedsheet — all the better to interact with. He may misuse a word here and there, but his engagement and enthusiasm make those slips more charming than annoying.

Like the best TED Talk-ers, Renaud isn't afraid to reveal things both absurdly funny and profoundly sobering on the way to making his point. Unlike most TED Talks, however, Renaud isn't seeking to change the world — he just wants to understand himself without losing everyone else. That might be the most intelligent dream ever.

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