Moosehorn Motor Hotel burns down in Manitoba's Interlake

The Moosehorn Motor Hotel in Manitoba's Interlake burned down early Tuesday morning.
The Moosehorn Motor Hotel burned down in Manitoba`s Interlake area Tuesday morning 1:12

A fire that raged on for hours Tuesday morning destroyed the Moosehorn Motor Hotel in Manitoba's Interlake area.

Hotel-owner Roy Sveistrup said he is in disbelief it is gone.

Sveistrup was woken up by the RCMP early Tuesday morning to be told his business was up in flames.

“Devastating, just devastating ... very hard,” said Sveistrup. “It's been a very hard day.”

It's a blow to the town. When I heard it that was the thing that ran through my mind.- Karl Lange 

Sveistrup said owning the hotel was a dream come true.

People who live in the Interlake town say all that's left after last night's fire is the hotel's garage.

Hotel important gathering place in community

Fire Chief Keegan Russell said the hotel's restaurant and bar were gathering places for the whole town.

Russell was called to the scene early in the morning, but by the time he arrived the hotel had been engulfed in flames.

“Nobody was in the building at the time, so there were no injuries or [anything] and unfortunately we were unable to put it out,” said Russell. "We lost the whole building.”
The Moosehorn Motor Hotel in Manitoba's Interlake area went up in flames early Tuesday. (CBC)

Karl Lange used to own the service station right across the street from the hotel.

He said the hotel was the only restaurant/bar in town, and a popular hangout.

“It's a blow to the town. When I heard it that was the thing that ran through my mind. It's a small town to start with and when you lose a major business like that ... that's not good.”

Sveistrup, who bought the hotel in 2008, said he isn’t sure what he’ll do next.

As for Lange, he hopes Sveistrup will rebuild and reopen.


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