Massive grass fire near Swan River took 4 hours to extinguish

A three-kilometre grass fire kept Swan River fire crews busy for four hours on Monday.

Massive blaze at Swan River dump jumped gravel road, took 4 hours to extinguish

​Fire crews worked for hours to get a massive blaze at the Swan River dump under control on Monday. (Rod Seib)

A three-kilometre grass fire kept Swan River fire crews busy for four hours on Monday. 

Fire crews were dispatched shortly after noon at a fire near the town dump.

Rod Seib lives nearby where the blaze broke out and said he heard loud sirens.

"I just thought it was unusual to hear it out in our neck of the woods … they seemed pretty loud," he said.

When he looked out his window he saw massive plumes of smoke.

"It had jumped the road -- there's a gravel road that runs south of our place from the highway and it had already jumped the road and it was in the field south of our place," he said. "Our wife and I are a little concerned, trying to get information ... it's pretty incredible to see it rip like that. You know, it'd be hard to get that under control." 

Manitoba Hydro was called in to assist because some power lines were nearby, but crews managed to extinguish the blaze around 5 p.m., and it did not reach any of the poles.

No one was injured in the blaze and beyond burnt grass, there was no damage.

The Swan River Fire Department said the cause of the fire is not yet known.


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