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Oh TJ, you had me at, "I'm a four." (Just a bit of enneagram talk, if you don't know. It kinda, sorta means that he and I are kindred spirits. But in our own unique way.)

Veteran Fringer TJ Dawe returns to the Winnipeg Fringe stage for the 12th time (this performance is also his 100th Fringe appearance overall), and knocks one clear out of the park and beyond the parking lot. This man is seriously captivating, whether he's discussing long-distance running, mind-altering drugs, or Ichazo's three instinctual variants. And his ability to interweave these seemingly incongruent topics into a cohesive narrative is astonishing.

To say that the audience was rapt with attention is an understatement. I think if he had asked us all to cluck like chickens, we would have. Seriously. He's that good.

So do yourself a favour. Cancel your next therapist's appointment and go see TJ instead. It will have the same effect and you'll save yourself a whack of cash!


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