Manitoba’s new adult abuse registry first in Canada

Manitoba has introduced Canada's first adult-abuse registry.

Adult abuse registry will flag abusers for employers

Manitoba has introduced Canada’s first adult-abuse registry.

The registry will list people who abuse or neglect vulnerable adults, including adults with intellectual disabilities.

Provincial officials said they hope the registry will help protect vulnerable Manitobans by preventing those who have abused adults from working with them in the future.

The province began collecting names for the registry in January.

Manitoba's health minister Theresa Oswald announced a new adult abuse registry on Wednesday. (CBC)

New regulations coming into effect on March 15 will make it mandatory for the provinces Protection for Persons In Care Office to refer abuse or neglect cases to the registry.

Individuals who are convicted of an offence against a vulnerable person are automatically put on the registry. When there is no conviction, an appointed registry committee will determine whether their name should be included.

Officials said they hope the registry will be the first tool employers use to screen their new hires before they work with vulnerable adults.