Manitoba RCMP fine 8 alleged COVID-19 rule-breakers, mostly for failing to self-isolate

Manitoba RCMP fined eight people in just under two weeks for a variety of offences related to COVID-19 health orders, including failing to isolate properly and having a gathering greater than the maximum limit of five.
Manitoba RCMP issued 42 verbal warnings and eight fines from Nov. 2 to 13, and received more than 250 calls related to COVID-19. (CBC)

More than half of the Manitobans whom RCMP fined in the first half of this month for violating COVID-19 health orders allegedly failed to properly self-isolate.

From Nov. 2 to 13, Mounties issued 42 verbal warnings and ticketed eight Manitobans for failing to comply with provincial emergency orders. RCMP received more than 250 COVID-19 calls during that time.

Three of the fines were issued to people in Cross Lake, Man. In separate cases, two men there allegedly failed to follow self-isolation protocols, and a male Winnipeg teen was fined for travelling to northern Manitoba. There is currently a restriction on non-essential travel in the north of the province.

Two men, from Fisher Branch and The Pas, were also fined for failing to self-isolate, as were two women from Peguis, RCMP said.

And a woman from the St-Pierre-Jolys area was fined on Friday for having a gathering of more than five people, which is the current maximum not counting those in a household. Health officials have urged people to avoid socializing with anyone outside their household members.

The RCMP have issued 119 warnings and issued 50 fines since April 9 related to COVID-19 public health order violations.

RCMP blocked vehicle access, but did not issue tickets, at a gathering in Steinbach that attracted more than 100 people Saturday to protest provincewide code red restrictions, a police spokesperson said on the weekend. Provincial and public health enforcement officers there did issue some tickets.

Premier Brian Pallister said Tuesday that people who went to that protest disobeyed public health rules and put people at risk. 

People who were at an anti-mask protest in Steinbach on the weekend could be charged, Premier Brian Pallister says. (Austin Grabish/CBC)

"The rally was dangerous in the way it was conducted. The rally was disrespectful," he said. "Fines are being issued as we speak to those who demonstrated that disrespect."

He also announced that about 90 G4S Canada security guards will soon be able to enforce the public health rules, and 32 tickets were issued across Manitoba last week.

Provincial fines for people who break public health rules are $1,296; businesses can be fined $5,000.

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