Young Manitoban voters quiz premier, NDP brass at trivia night

Young voters got a chance to quiz Manitoba NDP representatives Saturday at "Beer and Politics: Trivia Night," a casual get-together held at Garbonzo's Pizza Pub on the University of Winnipeg campus.

'I think we get to see [Selinger's] human side after he's had one beer,' NDP supporter says

Premier Greg Selinger reads questions out to people taking part in a trivia night event Saturday at Garbonzo's Saturday by the University of Winnipeg. (CBC)

Young voters got a chance to quiz Manitoba NDP representatives Saturday at "Beer and Politics: Trivia Night," a casual get together held at Garbonzo's Pizza Pub on the University of Winnipeg campus.

​Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger mixed and mingled with party supporters, taking the mic to read out questions to a room of people who scribbled down answers and downed pints of beer.
Lise Pinkos, NDP candidate for Seine River, said she believes younger generations are engaged in what's going on this provincial election. (CBC)

The event was designed to give young people a chance to interact with party brass and to encourage them to get involved in politics.

It was also meant to help dispel misconceptions about some of the party representatives, according to Shafagh Daneshfar, co-chair of the Manitoba Young New Democrats.

"To get that one-on-one interaction with your premier and your other MLAs or potential candidates, that's important for them – being able to connect and talk about issues that matter," she said.
Mathew Joseph said the casual meet-up gave people like him a vital opportunity to raise issues that matter most to young people. (CBC)

Health Minister Sharon Blady, Fort Rouge candidate Wab Kinew, St. Johns candidate Nahanni Fontaine, Lise Pinkos, and others showed up to rub elbows with voters.

Pinkos, the NDP candidate for Seine River, said the gathering gave party members old and new a chance to learn more about their youngest constituents.

"I think it's important to hear from all different types of people because this election is about everybody," she said. "I certainly see that young people are engaged…. I have a lot of hope for the future."

Premier Greg Selinger and Shafagh Daneshfar (right) chat with a table of young people at the event. (CBC)
Mathew Joseph said he was thrilled to get an opportunity to ask Selinger a few questions about poverty, and how the premier intends to improve life for people in the inner-city and North End if re-elected.
"Let's move forward, but how do we move forward when people are left behind?" Joseph said, adding property and living costs need to be a key focus of the next provincial government.
Jamie Moses laughs while talking with a table of potential NDP voters Saturday night at the trivia event. (CBC)

Joseph said ultimately he stands with Selinger and the NDP, but maintains they have their work cut out for them.

"Our city is very divided. We have a central area downtown — inner-city, the North End — dying. And we have the south end booming," Joseph said, adding casual get-togethers like the one at Garbonzo's provide vital opportunities for people like him to raise concerns with high-ranking officials.

"I think we get to see [Selinger's] human side after he's had one beer, we see what he represents. Monday to Friday, he's doing his job."

St. Vital NDP candidate Jamie Moses said events like the trivia night help grow engagement in the political process among youth voters.

"In this day and age, you have to look at all new avenues of connecting with people," he said. "As we can see tonight, it was a very good turn out and people are very interested in discussing politics with us."