Manitoba NDP raising more cash than ever, party says

Despite a disastrous late 2014, the NDP's chief financial officer said it's back on track financially, now less than 6 months away from a provincial election.

Despite low opinion polls and disastrous 2014 fundraising, NDP says outpacing previous fundraising

After a rough 2014, NDP says the party's fundraising is "well ahead of our pace in any other previous election," but wouldn't provide proof. (Teghan Beaudette/CBC)

Despite a disastrous late 2014, Manitoba NDP's chief financial officer said the party is back on track financially, now less than 6 months away from the next provincial election.

"We are well ahead of our pace in any other previous election," said party CFO Keith Bellamy about the NDP's finances, but he refused to hand over any accounting documents to prove it.

The party's books took a hit in 2014 amid sliding public opinion polls and a party revolt against Premier Greg Selinger. 

"Our fundraising has actually gone extremely well over the last six months or so. We feel that we will certainly have a more than adequate war chest as we get closer to the election. There's no doubt about that."

The NDP has a lot of ground to make up. Financial returns filed to Elections Manitoba show the Progressive Conservatives more than doubled the NDP in contributions in 2014.

Elections Manitoba Annual Returns 2014: 

  • PC - contributions: $1,743,297, fundraising: $354,231
  • NDP - contributions: $783,151, fundraising: $47,690
  • Liberal - contributions: $109,551, fundraising: $6,758

Manitoba's next provincial election is scheduled for April 19, 2016 and already parties are mobilizing.

Right now the Tories have the most confirmed candidates at 45 of a possible 57, the NDP are in second with 22 and the Liberals have 11 confirmed candidates.

"We're pretty comfortable in terms of our pace," said Bellamy, who plans "without a question" to fill all 57 constituencies.

There is no formal campaign headquarters, but the NDP is already organizing at the provincial office on evenings and weekends. Many of the volunteers in the provincial election were just run off their feet with the federal election.

"There's been a series of elections that have sort of been on the heels of one another, so this is not a new experience for campaign volunteers," he said.

Bellamy said as volunteers canvass neighbourhoods across the province problems are still being raised about the NDP, a party that has been in power in Manitoba for 16 years.  

"I don't think there's any surprises there," he said "I think certainly the PST is something that still comes up with us of course. But at the same time people have seen for months now the amount of infrastructure investment that's gone on."

In Budget 2013, the NDP raised the PST from 7 to 8 per cent and took a huge hit in public opinion polls. 


Confirmed NDP candidates: (22 candidates, 20 incumbents)

  • Assiniboia - Joseph McKellep
  • Burrows - Melanie Wight (incumbent)
  • Concordia - Matt Wiebe (incumbent)
  • Dawson Trail - Ron Lemieux (incumbent)
  • Elmwood - Jim Maloway (incumbent)
  • Fort Garry Riverview - James Allum (incumbent)
  • Fort Richmond - Kerri Irvin-Ross (incumbent)
  • Fort Rouge - Jennifer Howard (incumbent)
  • Kildonan - Dave Chomiak (incumbent)
  • Kirkfield Park - Sharon Blady (incumbent)
  • Minto - Andrew Swan (incumbent)
  • Riel - Christine Melnick (incumbent)
  • Rossmere - Erna Braun (incumbent)
  • Selkirk - Greg Dewar (incumbent)
  • St. James - Deanne Crothers (incumbent)
  • St. Johns - Gord Mackintosh (incumbent)
  • St. Norbert - Dave Gaudreau (incumbent)
  • St. Vital - Jamie Moses
  • Swan River - Ron Kostyshyn (incumbent)
  • The Maples - Mohinder Saran (incumbent)
  • The Pas - Amanda Lathlin (incumbent)
  • Wolseley - Rob Altemeyer (incumbent)

Confirmed PC candidates: (45 candidates, 15 incumbents)

  • Agassiz - Eileen Clarke
  • Arthur-Virden - Doyle Piwniuk (incumbent)
  • Brandon East - Len Isleifson
  • Brandon West - Reg Helwer (incumbent)
  • Charleswood - Myrna Driedger (incumbent)
  • Dauphin - Brad Michaleski
  • East St. Paul - Ron Schuler (incumbent)
  • Elmwood - Sarah Langevin
  • Emerson - Cliff Graydon (incumbent)
  • Fort Garry-Riverview - Jeannette Montufar
  • Fort Rouge - Audrey Gordon
  • Fort Whyte - Brian Pallister (LEADER)
  • Gimli - Jeff Wharton
  • Interlake - Derek Johnson
  • Kewatinook - Edna Nabess
  • Kildonan - Nic Curry
  • Kirkfield Park - Scott Fielding
  • Lac du Bonnet - Wayne Ewasko (incumbent)
  • Lakeside - Ralph Eichler (incumbent)
  • La Verendrye - Dennis Smook (incumbent)
  • Midland - Blaine Pedersen (incumbent)
  • Minto - Belinda Squance
  • Morden-Winkler - Cameron Friesen (incumbent)
  • Morris - Shannon Martin (incumbent)
  • Portage la Prairie - Ian Wishart (incumbent)
  • Radisson - James Teitsma
  • Riding Mountain - Greg Nesbitt (held by PCs)
  • Riel - Rochelle Squires
  • River East - Cathy Cox (held by PCs)
  • River Heights - Tracey Maconachie
  • Rossmere - Andrew Micklefield
  • Seine River - Janice Morley-Lecomte
  • Selkirk - David Horbas
  • Spruce Woods - Cliff Cullen (incumbent)
  • Steinbach - Kelvin Goertzen (incumbent)
  • St. Boniface - Mamadou Ka
  • St. James - Scott Johnston
  • St. Vital - Colleen Mayer
  • Swan River - Rick Wowchuk
  • The Maples - Kaur Sidhu
  • Thompson - Kelly Bindle
  • Tuxedo - Heather Stefanson (incumbent)
  • Tyndall Park - Naseer Warraich
  • The Pas - Doug Lauvstad

Confirmed Liberal candidates: (11 candidates, 1 incumbent)

  • Assiniboia - Ian McCausland
  • Burrows - Cindy Lamoureux
  • Elmwood - Kurt Berger
  • Fort Rouge - Rana Bokhari - LEADER
  • Interlake - Jamal Abas
  • Logan - Peter Koroma
  • Radisson - Scott Newman
  • Riel - Neil Johnston
  • River Heights - Jon Gerrard (incumbent)
  • Tyndall Park - Aida Champagne
  • Wolseley - Stephanie Danyluk

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