Manitoba Metis Federation signs first cheques of 10-year education program

Nine students have received funding about three months after the multi-million-dollar post-secondary education deal with Ottawa was first announced.

Federation inked $90M post-secondary funding deal with Ottawa in November

David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Metis Federation, said the new deal will enable the federation to help Métis students achieve their dreams. (Radio-Canada )

Nine Métis students have received money from the federal government to help pay for university costs through a partnership with the Manitoba Metis Federation.

The $90-million, 10-year post-secondary education support program, which is administered by the MMF, was first announced in November. The federation announced the first cheques being sent out on Saturday.

"This is an incredible and unprecedented opportunity for Métis students," said Joan Ledoux, the federation's minister for provincial education.

"Thanks to the reconciliation efforts of the Government of Canada, we are now in [a] position to develop Métis-specific programming and funding from kindergarten all the way into the college and university years."

Students can receive up to $5,000 each to pay for tuition, books, travel support and living allowances in this academic year, the federation's website says. Students in undergraduate programs or advanced or professional degree programs are eligible to apply.

"We know education is crucial to live a life filled with healthy outcomes," said MMF President David Chartrand. "Education also pushes the Métis Nation forward and today we are empowering these students to take control of their futures."