Temperatures to rise and fall sharply as wind, snow warnings in effect in Manitoba

The final days of March in Manitoba will be punctuated by a dramatic rise and fall in temperatures underscored by rain and snow.

Winter storms, gale-force winds and freezing rain expected through much of south, central Manitoba

Snowfall, wind and winter storm warnings and special weather statements are in effect through much of the province Monday, save for the northernmost parts of Manitoba. (Bryce Hoye/CBC)

The final days of March in Manitoba will be punctuated by a dramatic rise and fall in temperatures, underscored by gale-force winds, rain and snow.

Special weather statements are in effect for much of eastern Manitoba due to high winds, heavy snow and patches of freezing rain, beginning early Monday morning and lasting into Tuesday, Environment Canada says

Meanwhile wind, winter storm and snowfall warnings were in effect in areas throughout the south, southwest, west and up through the north.

A low-pressure system is forecast to bring a wave of warm air in through the day Monday, followed by cold and windy conditions.

"Mix all that together in a big pot and you end up with a very colourful watch and warning map," said CBC Manitoba meteorologist John Sauder.

Weather warnings were in effect Monday through the southwest and up along the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border, as well as across parts of central and northern Manitoba north of Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. (Environment Canada)

Winnipeg was placed under a blowing snow advisory Monday afternoon as Environment Canada forecast 80 km/h winds and poor visibility on roads.

Temperatures in Winnipeg reached at least 19 C on Monday, according to Environment Canada. Sauder says the mercury could dip to –9 C early by early Tuesday.

"It's a fast-moving system; it'll bring the warm air that won't last long," Sauder told Information Radio host Marcy Markusa. "If we do get to 17 C this afternoon, jump outside, and then jump back in before it drops to –9 C."

He said a special weather statement is in effect from the Red River Valley to southeastern Manitoba and through most of the Interlake.

The statements are in effect in part due to how quickly conditions are anticipated to change, Sauder said.

Strong winds from Saskatchewan will blow into southwestern Manitoba — through Brandon, Killarney, Virden and more — where a wind warning is in effect. That means winds are expected to gust to 90 km/h or higher, said Sauder.

North of there, a winter storm warning is in effect through Dauphin, Fairford and throughout areas north of Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. Those areas could see 15 to 25 centimetres of snow, said Sauder, along with 70 km/h winds. 

There is also a snowfall warning just south of the city of Thompson, which could get 10-15 centimetres, Sauder said.

The province's south is expected to get one to two centimetres of snow by about 10 a.m. Tuesday, he said.

Though Winnipeg isn't forecast to get much snow, Sauder expects the city could see rain and freezing rain, along with wind gusts in the 80 km/h range overnight.

Though the volatile weather is expected to subside by Tuesday morning in most places, Sauder warns highways in the Red River Valley and southwest could be dangerous late Monday night and early Tuesday night.

"Maybe just cancel those plans or postpone them."

Winnipeg's high for Tuesday is expected to be somewhere in the -7 C range, Sauder says. Temperatures are expected to begin warming up again by mid-week.