Manitoba Liberals would shrink cabinet if elected

Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari says she will cut the number of cabinet ministers to 10 if elected next week.

Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari promises to slash the number of ministries by nearly half if elected

The Liberals say they would cut the number of ministries in Manitoba to 10 with an additional four junior posts. (CBC)

Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari says she will cut the number of cabinet ministers by nearly half if elected next week.

Currently under the NDP government, Manitoba has 19 ministries including the office of the premier. A Liberal government would reduce that number to 10, said Bokhari in a news release.

"It was clear to us that cabinet has grown too large and was taking on a patronage feel," she said. 

The Liberal cabinet would have only nine ministers plus the premier and would add four junior posts to cabinet to allow future ministers to "grow into the job," the release said.

Junior ministers would receive "approximately half the budget of full ministers to help shrink the costs of government," said the Liberals.

Full Ministries under a Liberal government:

  • Premier
  • Finance
  • Health (Healthy Living)
  • Education
  • Economy (Labour)
  • Environment (Water Stewardship)
  • Agriculture and Food (Rural Development)
  • Aboriginal and Northern Development (Mineral Resources)
  • Infrastructure and Municipal Affairs (Transportation)
  • Child and Family Services (Seniors)

Junior Ministries under a Liberal government:

  • Tourism, Culture, Heritage and Sport (Consumer Protection)
  • Poverty Reduction (Housing)
  • Immigration and Multiculturalism
  • Lake Winnipeg

The Progressive Conservatives have also argued Manitoba's cabinet is too large. The PCs said they plan to reduce the number of cabinet positions by roughly six ministries.

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