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How has the ongoing impact of the pandemic on hospitals affected your life? CBC Manitoba wants to hear from you. Your insights will help us cover your top concerns about what’s happening across the province.

CBC Manitoba wants to hear from health-care workers, patients and their loved ones

A health care worker in an emergency department is pictured.
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have an impact on Manitoba's health-care system, and CBC Manitoba wants to hear how it's affecting you. (Mikaela MacKenzie/Winnipeg Free Press/The Canadian Press)

Most public health orders are no longer in effect in Manitoba, but the long-lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect Manitoba's health-care system.

Some health-care facilities continue to have strict visitation policies, impacting vulnerable patients and their families.

Many continue to be impacted by a diagnostic and surgical backlog that, although is very slowly decreasing, is still more than 166,000 cases, Doctors Manitoba estimates.

CBC Manitoba wants to hear how the pandemic's impact on hospitals in the province has affected your life, whether you're a health-care worker exhausted from two years of especially hard work, or a patient wondering how the backlog of surgeries will affect your long-term health and independence.

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