Multicoloured is the new orange at Manitoba family's pumpkin farm

A Manitoba farming couple is proving pumpkins are anything but an orange affair.

The Wiebes grow pumpkin species of all colours from around the world, including one found only in their fields

Jodie Lynn Wiebe and Richard Wiebe are the owners of RJW Acres in Dugald, Man. (Justin Fraser/CBC)
Any colour you like, as long as it's orange, may be the general rule for purchasing pumpkins — but not at one Manitoba couple's farm.

Richard and Jodie Lynn Wiebe run a strawberry picking farm in Dugald, just over 20 kilometres east of Winnipeg. 

The couple decided to dig into the pumpkin culture on a whim a couple of years ago.

"We thought it was fun to grow pumpkins, let's try it," said Richard.

Today, they produce about 25,000 Cucurbitaceae a year, and they're notable for their wide range of colours and diversity.

The Wiebes grow pumpkin species from around the world — one of which grows only in their fields.

"Once, during the harvest, we discovered a pumpkin that was different from all the others," Richard said. The unusual squash was multicolored and unique in shape.

"Our rows of pumpkins are planted in such a way that bees have been able to transport pollen from one pumpkin variety to another," he said.

"We thought it was pretty cool, so we kept the seeds. They were planted the following year and we had all kinds of shapes and colours. We named the species 'Jodie's mix,' after the name of my wife."

It's difficult to guess what colours will be in vogue each year, said Richard.

He said the farm sells the pumpkins to retailers, but families come out to the farm as an activity to pick their own.

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