Manitoba election: Undecided? Binge-watch these debate videos

Still trying to decide who to vote for? Watch what Manitoba's political parties and candidates said about key issues in debates that CBC Manitoba hosted during the campaign.

CBC Manitoba hosted candidates' debates on 5 key election issues

NDP Leader Greg Selinger, left to right, Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari, Green Party Leader James Beddome and Progressive Conservative Leader Brian Pallister take part in the provincial leaders' debate in Winnipeg on April 12. (Trevor Hagan/Canadian Press)

Still trying to decide who to vote for on Tuesday? Watch what Manitoba's political parties and candidates said about key issues in debates that CBC Manitoba hosted during the campaign.

NDP, Progressive Conservative, Liberal and Green Party candidates joined the CBC's Chris Glover in a series of televised debates in the last week of March. They also fielded questions from readers in live chats following each debate.

Click in the links above each debate video to view the corresponding live chat.

March 28: Health care

CBC Manitoba election debate: health care

5 years ago
James Beddome (Green), Sharon Blady (NDP), Inez Vystrcil-Spence (Liberal) and Myrna Driedger (PC) joined the CBC's Chris Glover for a debate Monday evening about health care issues in the province. 13:42

March 29: Education

CBC Manitoba election debate: education

5 years ago
Paul Brault (Liberal), Jeannette Montufar (PC), Stacey O'Neill (Green) and Lise Pinkos (NDP) discuss their parties' stances on education in a debate moderated by the CBC's Chris Glover. 11:47

March 30: Infrastructure

CBC Manitoba election debate: infrastructure

5 years ago
Roxane Dupuis (NDP), Scott Fielding (PC), Kevin Nichols (Green) and Johanna Wood (Liberal) joined the CBC's Chris Glover for a debate on infrastructure and how to pay for it. 13:17

March 31: Jobs and the economy

CBC Manitoba election forum: Jobs and the economy

5 years ago
Four candidates from Manitoba's major political parties debated issues related to jobs and the economy on Thursday evening. 13:12

April 1: Environment

CBC Manitoba election forum: Environment

5 years ago
Liberal Kyra Wilson, left, Dave Nickarz of the Green Party, the CBC’s Chris Glover, New Democrat James Allum and Shannon Martin of the Progressive Conservatives at a CBC Manitoba election debate Friday evening on environmental issues 12:37

The four major party leaders squared off in the only televised leaders' debate of the campaign on April 12. You can watch that debate below.

Manitoba party leaders face off on poverty, PST, health care in TV debate

5 years ago
The leaders of Manitoba's four main political parties squared off in a televised debate at CBC Manitoba headquarters Tuesday night that touched on taxes, health care, the economy and poverty. 49:38

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