Manitoba composting company ordered to clean up smelly site

The Manitoba government has issued an environmental protection order to composting company Samborski Environmental.

Province has received 400 complaints

The Manitoba government is ordering composting and garden supply company Samborski Environmental to clean up its site near the Brady Road landfill or it will do that for them.

It is giving the company 30 days to comply.

Samborski Environmental was ordered Wednesday to clean up its site near the Brady Road landfill within 30 days. (CBC)

It's not the first time Samborski has run afoul of the rules.

In 2011, the province appointed a facilitator to help the company wind down its operations at the site and move after a number of complaints about the smell.

The company opened another site near Winkler as a result and that is not affected by this order.

But the province said the company has not complied with its order to monitor and control the smell from the McGillivray Road site.

The province said the complaints have continued, with a total of 400 over the past five years.