Manitoba candidates say they're focused on campaigns not mudslinging

Manitoba candidates from all three major political parties are knocking on doors, talking to as many voters as they can in a final push to get the vote out before election day.

Candidates are door knocking in a final push to get voters out before the election next week

Manitoba candidates from all three major political parties are knocking on doors, talking to as many voters as they can in a final push to get the vote out before election day. 1:40

Manitoba candidates from all three major political parties are knocking on doors, talking to as many voters as they can in a final push to get the vote out before election day.

Liberal Candidate Noel Bernier who's running in the St.Johns constituency said people at the door tell him they're "sick and tired" of the political mudslinging in this election.

Liberal candidate for St.Johns constituency Noel Bernier says voters are upset about the political mudslinging in this election.
"I'm getting a lot of people who are pretty upset and pretty dismayed with the mudslinging politics," said Bernier. 

He said he's proud of his party's campaign so far, including his party leader Rana Bokhari. 

"My team has been amazing," he said. "I tell the voters I'm behind Rana 100 per cent, I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe in her."

Bernier spoke to CBC while he was door knocking on Monday afternoon. He said voters are telling him they are tired of the personal attacks and want candidates to focus on issues that matter to them.

Bernier also dismissed the political gaffes that have been plaguing his own party in recent weeks.

"We've got a leader who looks different and is a little more awkward sometimes but only because she's different, and the other two people she's engaging with are life long politicians," said Bernier.

"Her heart is in the right place and she's new to this, and tackling two very seasoned politicians and you know what? I think that's the sort of gist of change."
PC candidate Audrey Gordon is running in a tight race in Fort Rouge. She has been knocking on doors for the last few weeks saying voters want change. (CBC)

Bernier who's also a restaurant owner said this is his first time running in politics and he's enjoyed the campaign experience, getting to know people and businesses in the North End.  

Bernier is running against NDP candidate Nahanni Fontaine and PC candidate Barbara Judt. 

PC candidate Audrey Gordon said she is also focusing on voter's issues.

Gordon said she spent Monday evening door knocking in Fort Rouge where she's running against Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari and NDP star candidate Wab Kinew.

Both Kinew and Bokhari have made headlines this election but Gordon says she hasn't paid much attention.

"Things are going amazingly well, I am feeling very confident and very optimistic." Gordon said.

Recent polls suggest Gordon could be in a tight three-way race in Fort Rouge on election day, which doesn't surprise her.

"No I actually wasn't surprised because I spent quite a bit of time at the grass roots talking to business owners and individuals so I could feel what I call the movement." said Gordon.

"I never really focused on an advantage or who's ahead or who's behind I'm always running like I'm 10 or 20 votes behind."

NDP candidate James Allum who's running for re-election in Fort Garry-Riverview talks to voters while door knocking on Monday. (CBC)
NDP candidate James Allum who's running for re-election in his constituency of Fort Garry-Riverview said he's trying not to focus on pre-election polls that show his party's popularity going down with voters.

"I've been really warmly received on the doorstep, people know that I've worked hard for their community, they know that I live in this community, that I'm invested in this community."

Allum said while the reception from constituents has been relatively positive, voters have been asking about NDP Leader Greg Selinger and his leadership woes in the past.  

"It has come up that's for sure, I work very closely with the premier, I stood by him during the leadership circumstance and I did that because he was the duly elected leader of our party, and he was the duly elected premier," he said.

"I know him [Selinger] to be a great family man, a very compassionate man, certainly a very smart man." 

Allum who's been an MLA in the Fort Garry-Riverview constituency for four years is running against Liberal candidate Johanna Wood and PC candidate Jeannette Montufar.

Voters go to the polls April 19.


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