Costly call: Brits dial small Manitoba police force by mistake

Police in small Manitoba city of Morden have been getting some unusual calls for service from across the pond.

'What usually gives it away is the strong English accent,' Manitoba officer says

Police in Morden, Man. have been receiving calls for service from people living in Morden, England. (Morden Police Service)

Police in the small Manitoba city of Morden have been getting some unusual calls for service from across the pond.

Morden Police Service Sgt. Brent Menzies says people in Morden, England have been calling his southern Manitoba detachment for help.

"What usually gives it away is the strong English accent and we just tell the people they've reached the Morden Police Service in Canada," Menzies told CBC News. "They're surprised and I imagine they'll get a bit of a long distance phone bill as a result of that too."

What appears to be happening is when people Google "Morden Police" the Manitoba number comes up before the English one, Menzies said. His station has received four different calls for service in recent months. 

"From our end, it's kind of funny that it happens but we have been in contact with the Morden police service in England and we've told them what's going on," he said.

The British Morden is in Merton, part of greater metropolitan London, and the force responsible for the community is called the Merton Police.

'Our new friends'

Police in the United Kingdom found it amusing, too.

Officers with Merton Police took to their Facebook page Tuesday letting people in the greater London district know to double-check before they dial.

"Calls are being forwarded to us by our new friends in Canada!" the post read. "When you are calling us and trying to get hold of our teams covering Morden, please check the number you are dialling as it could be very expensive!"

Menzies admits he had never heard of Morden, England before the calls came in and it doesn't appear as if the Manitoba city of 8,700 people was on the British detachment's radar either. 

"It's been interesting to chat to our new sister force over the sea and [we] would like to point out that we are also very jealous of their trucks!" police in England wrote.

Merton Police told CBC News Wednesday they plan to send police in Manitoba a traditional police beat helmet and challenge them a moustache-growing contest to fundraise for Movember.