MANFF whistleblower hands back documents

Whistleblower Ted Ducharme might have ended his legal troubles with his former employer, the Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters.

Ted Ducharme also planning to sign a gag order

Ted Ducharme has handed back MANFF documents and plans to sign a gag order to avoid a lawsuit. (CBC)

Whistleblower Ted Ducharme might have ended his legal troubles with his former employer, the Manitoba Association of Native Fire Fighters.

Ducharme, a former MANFF employee, brought allegations of mismanaged funds to CBC. The documents showed questionable overtime charges and receipts for more than $1 million for late-night snacks for flood evacuees.

On Thursday morning, he returned all of documents to MANFF and hopes it's enough to kill the lawsuit against him. MANFF had argued the documents belong to the agency and Ducharme breached its trust and code of conduct by leaking them to the media.

"I want to put this behind us. If further proceedings go ahead then hopefully I will have the finances to deal with it," Ducharme said.

He is also planning to sign papers that will essentially be a gag order, requiring him to keep quiet on what he knows.

MANFF spent more than $80 million on 2011 flood evacuees. The association is under investigation by the federal government.