'Like The Sopranos,' says relative of man who died after shooting in Grand Rapids, Man.

A family in Grand Rapids, Man. is "in a state of shock" after one of its members died after a shooting Monday afternoon.

Uncle did chest compressions on Daniel Walker, 32, who was shot outside his mother's home

Daniel Walker, 32, was a father of three children and was in Grand Rapids visiting his mother and siblings. (Submitted by family)

WARNING: This story contains graphic content.

A family in Grand Rapids, Man., is "in a state of shock" after one of its members died after a shooting Monday afternoon.

Daniel Walker, 32, was shot outside his mother's house while visiting the community, family members told CBC News.

Wayne Scott, Walker's uncle, woke up twice Monday night because he had nightmares about the shooting, he said, adding he couldn't imagine the kind of night the kids who witnessed the shooting experienced.

"It seems like it's a movie that we watch on TV, like The Sopranos," Scott said.

Scott, who lives down the street from where the shooting occurred, was on scene shortly after hearing four gun shots, he said.

"At first, I thought it was somebody shooting dogs," Scott said. "But we saw a dark truck drive away from my sister's place. They took off real fast."

Scott ran to the house and found his nephew on the floor in the front porch with bullet wounds in his chest and the side of his ribs, he said. Meanwhile, relatives who witnessed the shooting were screaming, "Daniel got shot."

When Scott arrived, Walker was breathing, but was bleeding out.

"I started praying for him," he said. "But then he stopped breathing."

Scott turned his nephew onto his back to perform CPR. As Scott pushed on his chest, he said he could feel blood oozing through his fingers.

RCMP arrived within minutes and the responding officers took over the chest compressions until paramedics arrived, Scott said.

"But he was dead already."

Visiting mother at the time

Walker was shot three times, "right in front of his nieces and nephews," said Elissa Gabriel, Walker's cousin.

There were five grandchildren at the house when the shooting occurred, Scott added.

"We're happy that the grandkids didn't get hit," he said. "One of the grandkids was so disturbed, he went running into the bush with just his socks."

Walker, a father of three children who lives in The Pas, was visiting his mother and siblings, Gabriel said.

Police said they responded to a shooting outside a home in the community around 4 p.m. Monday.

They said Walker was taken to a nearby nursing station, where he died.

Walker's family was told not to make funeral plans until the coroner contacts them, Scott said.

Grand Rapids is almost 400 kilometres north of Winnipeg.

RCMP continue to investigate.

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