Magnus Avenue homeowner tired of fire threats

At least one homeowner in Winnipeg's North End says he's sick and tired of numerous suspicious fires in his neighbourhood recently.

At least one homeowner on Magnus Avenue, in Winnipeg's North End, says he's sick and tired of numerous fires that have been sparked in the neighbourhood recently.

Four suspicious fires were started early Tuesday morning on Magnus Avenue, including at least one garbage bin fire and two garage fires, according to officials.

Dale McQuarrie, whose Magnus Avenue home was damaged by fire in July, says he wants whoever is starting the suspicious blazes in his neighbourhood to be caught. (CBC)

Dale McQuarrie, who lives on the block, said both of his next-door neighbours were affected, with a fence damaged on one side and a Jeep damaged on the other.

"My neighbour's Jeep, they stuck newspaper in his gas cap and lit it," he told CBC News late Tuesday.

McQuarrie said he is already having to contend with fire threats — on July 8, firebugs set ablaze a trailer packed with $37,000 worth of hydroplane boats he had built.

The fire was one of four suspicious blazes that were reported early that morning.

"I walked into my kitchen … and I actually watched the fire start. I didn't see who did it," he said.

"Within seconds, that was totally engulfed."

McQuarrie said he had just sold his house the day before the fire. The sale was called off as a result of fire damage the home sustained.

He said he wants whoever is starting the blazes in his neighbourhood to be caught, so that he can sleep without worrying about more threats.

"Someone's got to put a stop to it somehow, big time," he said.