Lottery winners Kirby and Marie Fontaine deliver cheques, smiles to charities

Kirby and Marie Fontaine continue their annual tradition of donating $100,000 to Winnipeg charities. The couple won a Lotto Max jackpot for $50 million in 2009 and much of their winnings have gone to help others.

Kirby and Marie Fontaine continue give generously after winning $50M in 2009

Kirby and Marie Fontaine donated $100,000 to Winnipeg Harvest, the Christmas Cheer Board, and Rossbrook House on Wednesday. (Twitter)

They are known for showing up with a cheque and some kind words. Kirby and Marie Fontaine have been quietly donating to local charities in Winnipeg since they won a Lotto Max jackpot for $50 million in 2009. This year was no exception.

"They never call," said Kai Madsen executive director of the Christmas Cheer Board.

"They've become part of our operation over the years. It helps a great deal to get $100,000."

On Wednesday, the Fontaines donated $100,000 to the Cheer Board, Winnipeg Harvest and Rossbrook House, a youth drop-in program.

"Marie and Kirby have the financial freedom to be just about whoever they want to be and live wherever they want to live," said Rossbrook House in a news release.

"They choose to be themselves and to live here.  They choose to be kind and generous. They are grounded by their humility."

Madsen said he expects as many as five charities will receive bonus cheques from the Fontaines today.

"There's no chit chat a week before it's always like ... sitting on pins and needles hoping it will happen because there's no guarantees here," he said.

The Fontaine's annual donation go a long way to helping the Christmas Cheer Board erase debts, said Madsen. 

"To put it into perspective, our budget is around $800,000 so $100,000 is a huge chunk," he said.