Health minister promises report on neglect allegations at seniors home by end of August

Manitoba's health minister is promising to release findings of an investigation into allegations of neglect of clients at the Lions Prairie Manor in Portage. Family of the patients went to the Legislature in May with their concerns of negligence.

Families met at legislature in May to urge government to look into Portage facility

The results of an investigation into allegations of poor care at Lions Prairie Manor in Portage la Prairie are expected to be released before the end of August. (Lighthunter/Shutterstock)

Manitoba Minister of Health Cameron Friesen is promising to release the findings of an investigation into allegations of poor care of patients at the Lions Prairie Manor, a Portage la Prairie seniors residence.

A statement from a government spokesperson says the results will be made public "before the end of the month."

Families of the residents were at the Manitoba Legislature in May to pressure the government to look closely at the care being given at the facility.

Liberal health critic Jon Gerrard championed the families' cause by releasing a report called Treating our Elders with Dignity. It outlines allegations of abuse and neglect by staff at the residence.

Former health minister Kelvin Goertzen met with the families after they appeared at the Legislature in May and promised to act following the completion of the investigation by the Protection of Persons in Care Office.

A spokesperson for current Health Minister Cameron Friesen says he has "prioritized the issue since being sworn in two weeks ago."

The statement says more than 100 interviews have been conducted with families and staff members as part of the investigation into the treatment of patients.

The report itself cannot be publicly released, as it contains sensitive health information of patients.