Beware of identity theft, La Salle residents warned, following mailbox break-ins

Police believe sensitive information could have been stolen in thefts.

More than 100 mailboxes pilfered earlier this week.

La Salle-area residents whose mail boxes were broken into earlier this week should take action to prevent identity theft, RCMP say.

More than 100 mailboxes in the La Salle area were pilfered at the beginning of this week, RCMP say, and that means victims should contact their financial institutions and credit card companies, as well as national credit bureaus Equifax Canada and TransUnion Canada to place a fraud alert on their credit report.

Finally, police say, they should contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and report the break-in to Headingley RCMP if they haven't already done so.

In June, RCMP received more than 200 complaints of stolen mail from people in the rural municipalities of Springfield, St. Clements, East St. Paul and Selkirk.

Two people were arrested following an investigation. Police believe the pair forged their names on cheques stolen from the mail, and then cashed them.

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