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Nurses being told to reuse masks at Manitoba hospitals, says union

The Manitoba Nurses Union says the province is putting front-line workers in danger by telling them to they can only use one mask per shift.
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Number of inmates in Manitoba jails drops by almost 30% in wake of COVID-19 pandemic

Manitoba's adult jail population has fallen to its lowest level in a decade, declining by almost 30 per cent in the last two months in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.
CBC Investigates

Unintended consequences as homeless collect emergency benefit, anti-poverty advocates warn

COVID-19 emergency aid is so easy to access, cheques are being sent even to people who don't qualify, and the unintended consequences means more drugs on the street, say anti-poverty advocates.
CBC Investigates

Winnipeg nail salons, private club shut down after operating in spite of public health orders

Manitoba health inspectors have shut down two Winnipeg nail salons and a private members club for staying open after the province ordered all non-essential businesses closed.

Manitoba judge says COVID-19 not an automatic 'get out of jail card' 

While jails across Canada are trying to reduce inmate populations over COVID-19 fears, a Manitoba judge says the virus is not an automatic "get out of jail card" in a decision denying a 36-year-old inmate bail.

Manitoba government wants contractor to provide meals for 15,000 students, as pandemic halts school programs

With school closures across the province, the Manitoba government is looking to provide daily meals for 15,000 students to replace programs that can no longer operate.
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Manitoba cancels $5-million order for medical gowns in move local supplier calls 'ineffective and uninformed'

The Manitoba government is being accused of being ‘ineffective’ in its attempts to secure protective personal equipment in the fight against COVID-19 after a Winnipeg supplier watched a $5 million PPE deal go sour because officials balked at the terms. 
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Be careful how you market hand sanitizer, Winnipeg business owner warns after call from Health Canada

A Winnipeg woman is warning other small businesses they can’t market self-made hand sanitizer without Health Canada’s approval.
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Sales of Winnipeg company's COVID-19 detection tests halted by Health Canada

For at least a week in March, any Canadian with a credit card could purchase an $18 test from Safecare Canada’s website. CBC News obtained one of those tests but did not use it.

Winnipeg lupus patients on edge amid shortage of drug at centre of COVID-19 trials

An unproven claim that a drug used to treat lupus can combat COVID-19 is causing an increase in prescriptions of the drug, causing shortages and putting Winnipeggers who rely on it on the edge. 
CBC Investigates

Medical experts warn against claims by Winnipeg acupuncturist advertising 'coronavirus prevention tea'

Medical experts are warning Canadians not to believe the hype after a hidden camera investigation revealed a Winnipeg acupuncturist was selling an herbal tea that purports to prevent COVID-19. Health Canada has not approved any product to prevent, treat or cure the illness.

Declare grocery store staff essential, provide access to protective gear, Manitoba union says

The union that represents over 7,000 Manitoba grocery store workers says those people are at the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the provincial government should ensure they are provided with protective gear such as gloves and masks.

Manitoba home-care workers only given two-thirds pay for sick days, self-isolation

Over 6,000 public home care workers in Manitoba will only receive two-thirds of their wages if they have to self-isolate because of COVID-19.
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'It's disturbing': Crosswalk safety report hidden from Winnipeg city council

It took a child's death at a crosswalk in 2018 for the city to install lower-level flashing lights beside a pedestrian crosswalk — even though a Winnipeg experiment in 2016 suggested such lights made crosswalks much safer.
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'Never seen it this bad': Ambulance unavailability levels hit 4-year high in December

There were over seven hours in December when there were zero ambulances available in the City of Winnipeg to respond to emergencies — the longest monthly total in four years according to data obtained by CBC.