'Everybody judged me. Everyone made fun of me': Winnipeg designer finds his place in fashion

Winnipeg fashion designer Ken Lozano, owner of Aldo's formal wear, took over the business from his father Reynaldo. Lozano has charted his own path, launching his own line Sartorial Funk.

From outcast to style maker, Ken Lozano stakes ground as second-generation designer in family business

Designer Ken Lozano marries tradition with modernity. Filmmakers: Jim Agapito, Ryan Nash, Paul Stabell, Matt Purchase, and Aleksandra Osipova 4:34

Ken Lozano was three years old when his father Reynaldo opened up Aldo Formal Wear in downtown Winnipeg in 1983. 

A few decades later, following a stint working in Toronto's fashion scene, Lozano is now following in his father's footsteps.  

"He was a big mentor. As soon as I opened up and paid more attention to his craft, pops showed me everything, everything that he learned and he started teaching me," said Lozano, now 39. 

Today Lozano has charted his own path, launching his own line called Sartorial Funk from the Notre Dame Avenue boutique, which he now runs for his family. 

Lozano is the latest artist featured in CBC's Manitoba Creates series featuring local artists.

The video above was made by Winnipeg filmmakers Jim Agapito, Ryan Nash, Aleksandra Osipova, Matt Purchase and Paul Stabell for CBC's Creator Network. 

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