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Katie Nicholson is a senior reporter with CBC News based in Toronto.

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New York Times says Caliphate podcast was conned by Canadian who claimed to be an ISIS recruit

The New York Times now admits a key storyline of its award-winning podcast Caliphate, which featured the experience of a Canadian man who claimed to have fought for ISIS, appears to have been made up by the criminally accused hoaxer.

Ontario retirement homes push for mandatory COVID-19 testing for caregivers, support workers

The association representing hundreds of Ontario retirement homes wants the province to step up its COVID-19 testing guidelines to bring them more in line with the same rules in place for long-term care homes.
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Fort McMurray builder charged in California after more complaints from fire victims

An Alberta builder who has been embroiled in disputes with victims of the massive 2016 wildfire in Fort McMurray that destroyed hundreds of homes and displaced thousands of people faces charges in California after state investigators looked into his dealings with fire victims in Sonoma County.

Pandemic disruptions create difficult challenges for people with cognitive issues

A Toronto facility is helping people with cognitive challenges learn new routines to keep themselves safe during the pandemic.

Justice system's handling of O'Leary boat crash case a 'slap in the face' for victims' families

Flurry of lawsuits stemming from fatal boat crash in August 2019 on an Ontario lake includes claim by entrepreneur and TV personality Kevin O'Leary against owner and operator of other boat involved.

Ontario doctor subject of complaints after COVID-19 tweets

Ontario doctor Kulvinder Kaur Gill has been criticized by fellow doctors and others after a series of tweets that they claim are spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and touting hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for virus.

Black journalist who witnessed N-word used in Fifth Estate meeting calls for broader change at CBC

A former CBC employee is speaking out about his experience of hearing two colleagues at The Fifth Estate, the public broadcaster’s flagship investigative program, use the N-word during an editorial discussion last year.

COVID-19 disinformation being spread by Russia, China, say experts

Countries like Russia and China are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to spread disinformation, say experts. While some of the disinformation centres on the origin of the virus, some of it is offering potentially dangerous medical advice.

How a debunked COVID-19 video kept spreading after Facebook and YouTube took it down

Although social media giants such as Facebook and YouTube have largely removed a debunked documentary about the COVID-19 pandemic from their platforms, copies and variations of the video are still up on alternative social media sites where hundreds of thousands of people are watching them.

Quebec police investigating possible link between cell tower fires and 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories

Quebec provincial police are investigating whether at least two cellphone tower fires north of Montreal could be linked to conspiracy theories that 5G wireless technology caused the coronavirus pandemic.

WeChat's surveillance of international users boosts censorship in China, researchers say

WeChat is one of the world’s most popular apps, but researchers at the University of Toronto caution it is surveilling international users and using their information to broaden censorship on the app in China.

Federal government says Canada Post must deliver Epoch Times despite union objection

The federal government has declined a request from a postal workers union local in Toronto to issue an order stopping delivery of a special coronavirus edition of the Epoch Times, because it doesn’t meet the criminal threshold for hate speech.

Canadians have lost more than $1.2 million to COVID-19 scams

Canadians have lost more than $1.2 million in recent weeks to scammers taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, CBC News has learned.

Some Canadians who received unsolicited copy of Epoch Times upset by claim that China was behind virus

The Epoch Times, a newspaper that has polarized people over its content, is coming under fire for advancing a conspiracy theory about the origin of the coronavirus — and having it delivered straight into people's mailboxes unsolicited.

1 in 10 Canadians believes a coronavirus conspiracy theory, survey suggests

Conspiracy theories around the origin of the coronavirus have been circulating since it was first identified. A preliminary study suggests that one in 10 Canadians believes at least one conspiracy theory about the virus.