WATCH: Oji-Cree artist Jordan Stranger explains meaning behind new Festival du Voyageur logo

Festival du Voyageur has a new logo this year, created by Indigenous artist Jordan Stranger, whose bold work can be seen across Winnipeg.

'Come, welcome to this space, you're all welcome'

Jordan Stranger speaks about his work as an artist and the inspiration for this year's Festival du Voyageur logo. 3:27

Winnipeg's Festival du Voyageur is embracing its Indigenous roots by incorporating a new logo designed by local Oji-Cree artist Jordan Stranger.

"They [the festival du voyageur] approached it with integrity and understanding that this is important to all Indigenous people, not just me," said Stranger.

The artist says he developed his new bold and bright style over the last five years. It's a style that can be found on murals at The Forks and on walls around the city.

Stranger's murals and paintings often express connection to the earth, emotion, loss and culture.

When designing the logo, Stranger wanted to put Indigeous culture front and centre.

Jordan Stranger's design for the 2020 Festival du Voyageur logo. (Festival du Voyageur)

He did so by placing the symbol of the four directions and medicine wheel — two traditional Indigenous symbols — on a tipi as a sign of home and foundation for visitors.

At the very top of the logo, Stranger placed what he calls an orb or a symbol often found in his art that represents the Creator or Great Spirit.

"That Great Spirit [is] welcoming and saying, 'Come, welcome to this space, you're all welcome,'" he said.

For Stranger, this design was an opportunity to showcase Indigenous art and create bonds among communities who visit the festival.

"As an artist I wanted to put that same amount of energy and love and care as I would into a painting into the logo."  

Stranger's bold designs can be seen on walls around the city. (John Einarson/CBC)