Another round of thunderstorm watches and warnings

CBC meteorologist John Sauder gives you the latest Manitoba weather updates in his live blog.

West is the focus for storms again Thursday

Meteorologist John Sauder
John Sauder is CBC Manitoba's meteorologist. (CBC)

John's weather journal for June 8

Today's edition of the severe thunderstorm watch is again in the west and extends a little farther north into central Manitoba. Warnings have also been on and off following the more potent storms west of Dauphin (as of 2 p.m.).

This is the fourth day in a row that we have had showers and storms forming across the south. Here's the thing, though — some of our fields have received plenty of moisture, even damaging hail, but at the same time, other fields have received very little rain. It's been a weird weather week in that respect with most of the showers being isolated, hit-or-miss showers or storms. We haven't a widespread, long-lasting soaking rain in a while. 

A much more stable pattern is about to take control of our weather and stick around for several days. Friday starts with sunshine and light winds but there is a little feature that keeps showing up in the forecast models. It's a midday shower that pops up in the Red River Valley near Winnipeg and moves straight south along the valley. This is attached to a more organized line of afternoon showers running north to south through Kenora and Fort Frances in northwestern Ontario. We'll see what materializes. Don't cancel any plans based on that isolated shower in the Red River Valley. 

The rest of the weekend and right into next week looks sunny and dry with temps warming up along the way. 

The same is true for the north. Thompson will be sunny this weekend with a Saturday high of 21 C and an afternoon temp on Sunday of 27 C. 

John's 7-Day Forecast
John's 7-Day Forecast (John Sauder/CBC)

Wind forecast:

  • Thursday: SE @ 10 km/h in the afternoon. S @ 10 overnight.
  • Friday: Light wind in the morning. N @ 25-30 in the afternoon. Gusts to 40 in the evening. 
  • Saturday: NE @ 25-30 in the morning. NE @ 25-30 in the afternoon. 
  • Sunday: E @ 10 in the morning. NE @ 10 in the afternoon.


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