Jets merchandise flies off the shelves

Merchandise sporting the new Winnipeg Jets logo is selling quickly, True North Sports and Entertainment spokesman Scott Brown says.
The Winnipeg Jets unveiled their primary and secondary logos on Friday. ((Winnipeg Jets))

Merchandise sporting the new Winnipeg Jets logo is selling quickly, True North Sports and Entertainment spokesman Scott Brown says.

The company started with over $200,000 in merchandise — T-shirts, ball caps and other items — Friday, when the logo was unveiled.  

More than half was sold very quickly, and  Brown said True North expects the rest will sell out Saturday.

The Jets Gear store will be closed Sunday, instead of being open as originally planned, and won't re-open until more merchandise has been brought in.

Before the merchandise went on sale Friday shortly after the logo was made public, fans were lined up around the block outside MTS Centre, waiting patiently to snap up some memorabilia.

Some were still waiting when the store closed at 10 p.m. local time, and employees had to keep it open for an hour after that to handle the traffic. At one point, security had to shut down the line to make sure they could get the store closed.

Some fans waited for hours, but didn't get discouraged.

"Just a little over three hours now. I just really want this merchandise. I didn't expect to be in this line this long. I should be at home actually," one said.

The team will unveil its jerseys in September. The colours will be the same as those in the logo — blue, white and grey with a red maple leaf.