Manitoba·★★★★ Review

Jazz Cat

FOUR STARS For the most part, Jazz Cat is a toe-tapping good time that hits all the right notes for young Fringers.

FOUR STARS | Plenty of opportunity for kids to join in the toe-tapping good time

(Melanie Gall)

Rating: ★★★★

Company: Sisterscene For Kids, Edmonton

Genre: Musical

Venue: Kids Venue — MTYP Mainstage

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There are only two kinds of music, as the saying goes — good music and bad music.

And the message in singer Melanie Gall's charming kids show is that as long as you're singing what you want, it's the good kind.

Ella the cat is kicked out of her choir because she can only scat sing. She seeks out the wisdom of opera-singing ostrich Maria, blueshound B.B. Dog, and Billy Chicken to find her own voice.

Along the way, there's plenty of opportunity for kids to join in the fun. Gall makes an immediate connection with them, and is a pro at holding it.

She's also got an incredible voice — one the grown-ups in the audience especially might want to hear more of.

Jazz Cat hits the right notes for young Fringers.- Joff Schmidt 

Jazz Cat ends more with an anticlimactic diminuendo than a bang. But no matter. By that point, we've learned a bit about music, sung together, and had a toe-tapping good time.

For the most part, Jazz Cat hits the right notes for young Fringers.

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