Here's the scoop on Winnipeg's best ice cream treats for summer 2016

Who wants ice cream?! CBC Manitoba's Information Radio has asked you, our listeners, to give us your suggestions for tasty frozen treats in Winnipeg. Now our panel of judges has revealed the city's best ice cream creation of this summer.

Chocolatier Constance Popp's birch syrup milk chocolate & pistachio lemon gelato is judges' top pick

Chocolatier Constance Popp's birch syrup milk chocolate and pistachio lemon gelato was the top pick among Information Radio's panel of ice cream treat judges. (Marcy Markusa/CBC)

Who wants ice cream?! CBC Manitoba's Information Radio asked you, our listeners, to give us your suggestions for tasty frozen treats in Winnipeg. Our panel and their distinguished palettes have voted Chocolatier Contstance Popp's birch syrup, pistachio and lemon gelato as the city's best icy treat of the summer!

We started with 10 ice cream treats, nominated by listeners, from local shops.

Our three judges from the local food scene — Talia Syrie, Ron Cantiveros and Erin Bend — were each randomly assigned a group of treats from the list to taste. They judged each treat on quality, creativity, taste and whether or not they wanted to go back for more!

Each judge brought one ice cream creation into the final round, which aired on Information Radio on Thursday.

"The pistachio lemon gelato with the birch maple milk chocolate was so many things … there was even a beautiful chocolate butterfly on top," Syrie writes of the treat from Chocolatier Constance Popp (180 Provencher Blvd.).

"There was just so much complexity in the ice cream, layers of taste on top of the perfect texture. Not too creamy, not too sweet. Hints of molasses and spice. Really special. The birch syrup is for very special occasions."

Read about all the other entries below and plan your own ice cream hopping trip around Winnipeg!

Licks Ice Cream Patio: Peanut Buttercup Parfait

Ron Cantiveros: This is a great treat for anyone that has a craving for sweets. Layers of vanilla soft ice cream with peanut butter, caramel and chocolate fudge! Oh yeah, don't forget the whipping cream and candied cherry on top. Licks is a great neighbourhood ice cream shop. 

Licks Ice Cream Patio, 20 Britannica Rd.

The Peanut Buttercup Parfait at Licks Ice Cream Patio. (Ron Cantiveros)

Nucci's Gelati: Super Chocolate & Mango

Ron Cantiveros: Nucci's vast array of flavours is impressive. There are enough flavours to satisfy everyone's tastebuds. Super chocolate was rich and smooth. Mango gelato is one of Nucci's best sellers, sweet and tangy. All gelato (and sorbetto) is made daily and all in house. Top quality gelato! 

Nucci's Gelati, 643 Corydon Ave.

Nucci's Gelati's Super Chocolate & Mango ice cream treat. (Ron Cantiveros)

Sargent Sundae: Pumpkin ice cream

Ron Cantiveros: Move over Starbucks, pumpkin ice cream is where it's at. Normally available in late August, Sargent Sundae made a special batch just for our tasting request. The pumpkin ice cream is sold throughout the fall and is a great seasonal treat.

Interesting fact — during the Children's Hospital Foundation Teddy Bear's Picnic, they offer a bubble gum flavoured ice cream.

Sargent Sundae, 2053 Portage Ave.

Pumpkin ice cream from Sargent Sundae. (Ron Cantiveros)

Cafe Ce Soir: Brown Butter ice cream

Erin Bend: Really terrific ice cream that tastes like the sum of its simple parts: eggs, cream and sugar. Tastes like the caramelized, shatterable surface of great creme brûlée but with the creamy, custard consistency of that same dessert. 

Cafe Ce Soir, 937 Portage Ave.

Brown Butter ice cream from Cafe Ce Soir. (Erin Bend)

Eva's Gelato:  Dulce de leche & Dulce de leche granizado

Erin Bend: Addictive ice cream for grown-ups. Cool and sophisticated with its melty, silky texture and warm, enveloping caramel taste. Delivers divine moments of eye-closing "mmmmmm" bliss. Would eat again. And again. 

Eva's Gelato: 101-1001 Corydon Ave.

Dulce de leche & Dulce de leche granizado from Eva's Gelato. (Erin Bend)

Sub Zero Ice Cream: Larsen parfait

Erin Bend: The Larsen parfait's super sweet, salty and creamy collaboration of soft serve, hot fudge, peanut butter and Spanish peanuts is very fun to eat. The comforting and nostalgic nature of this treat flavours the whole charming, campy shop making it a summer evening mecca.

Sub Zero Ice Cream, 298 Jamieson Ave.

Sub Zero Ice Cream's Larsen Ave parfait. (Erin Bend)

Golf Central: Blue dipped soft serve cone

Talia Syrie: I had a super fun time at Golf Cental; it is all about ice cream! It has kind of classic sundae styles but it feels like you're in America. The place is giant and there are about a hundred options and everything is painted bubble gum pink and blue. Also, it was the only place I went to where people were all eating ice cream. Definitely an accessible family spot.

Golf Central, 775 Plessis Rd.

A blue dipped soft serve ice cream cone from Golf Central. (Lori De La Rosche)

Decadence Chocolates: Passion fruit ice cream with salted caramel cookie sandwich

Talia Syrie: A sweet project if you are up for something different. Bring some napkins!

Decadence Chocolates, 70 Sherbrook St.

A passion fruit ice cream with salted caramel cookie sandwich from Decadence Chocolates. (Helen Staines)

Cornell Creme: Lemon meringue ice cream 

Talia Syrie: Creamy and clean and locally made in a variety of flavours. A favourite as a regular go-to on a summer day.

Cornell Creme, various retailers,

Lemon meringue ice cream from Cornell Creme. (Ian McCausland)

About our ice cream judges

Talia Syrie

Chef Talia Syrie is the owner of The Tallest Poppy — now at its new location on Sherbrook Street — where she has served everyone from The Pixies to former governor general Michaëlle Jean. She has a relentless love of local food and apparently ice cream is high on the list. 

Follow her on Twitter: @thetallestpoppy

Ron Cantiveros

This guy loves to eat. Filipino food is his speciality and he can now add "Ice Cream Judge" to his list of lifetime achievements. Ron grew up in a food family with chef/dad Rod at the grill.    

Follow him on Twitter: @RonCantiveros 

Erin Bend 

No cones please!  Erin is the author of Gluten Free Vegetarian Eats, a collection of 60 achievable gourmet recipes.  Fomerly of Food Matters Manitoba, Erin is a freelance journalist and self-described lover of adventure and cooking.

Follow her on Twitter: @erinbend 

Information Radio host Marcy Markusa, left, and ice cream judges Talia Syrie, Erin Bend and Ron Cantiveros prepare to open a box of ice cream treats from Chocolatier Constance Popp. (Samantha Samson/CBC)


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