Traditional First Nations story of 3 sisters at heart of student garden at Sisler High School

The Indigenous story of the three sisters is at the heart of student-led garden at Sisler High School in Winnipeg. In a new short film, Indigenous graduation coach Julie Delorme teaches students about collaboration and connection to the land.

Indigenous teachings about collaboration are focus of new short film

How an Indigenous story is nurturing a student garden

1 month ago
Duration 4:42
Winnipeg students learn how 'the three sisters' cultivate co-operation and teach strength. Video by Angeline Javier, Takyra Molloy, Margaux Jonson.

At Winnipeg's Sisler High School, Julie Delorme is on a mission to grow young minds and plants — at the same time. 

Delorme, who is Sisler's Indigenous graduation coach, talks with young people at the North End school's student-led garden about "the three sisters."

In the story, the sisters — corn, beans and squash — come to the aid of a family who doesn't have enough food. 

Delorme's telling of the story and the student garden are at the heart of a new short film.

Julie Delorme, the Indigenous graduation coach at Sisler High School, is passionate about integrating Indigenous teachings into the education system. (Angeline Javier)

The film, which is the work of three Sisler students in the Create program — an entertainment arts training program for students at the school — follows Delorme as she integrates Indigenous teachings into the curriculum.

"We are learning another source of pride in our culture, together," said Delorme. "This is what education needs to be." 

Her responsibility as an educator, she said, is "to bring in Indigenous perspectives in a way that is … honouring the beautiful perspectives from our ancestors." 

Students at Sisler High School in Winnipeg's North End tend to the school's student-led garden. They are learning traditional Indigenous teachings about farming and agriculture through the program. (Angeline Javier)

Meet the filmmakers

The filmmakers behind The Three Sisters are all students of the Sisler Create program, which trains high school and post-high school students in animation, film, game design, virtual reality, digital design and other digital media. You can follow the program on Instagram @sislercreate or on Twitter @SislerCreate.

Angeline Javier (producer/ director/editor)

Angeline Javier is an aspiring filmmaker and recent graduate of Sisler High School's Create program. She has worked on both narrative and documentary films this past year, and is interested in telling stories that shed light on underrepresented voices and issues. 

The Three Sisters producer/ director/editor Angeline Javier. (Submitted by Angeline Javier)

Takyra Molloy (animator)

Takyra Molloy is an aspiring motion graphics artist/animator and recent graduate of Sisler High School's Create program. She has worked on motion graphics, 3D animation and film projects this past year. She is interested in creating projects that help others.

Animator Takyra Molloy. (Submitted by Takyra Molloy)

Margaux Jonson (artist)

Margaux Jonson is an aspiring concept artist and a student at Sisler High School. She is focused on developing her art skills and understanding before pursuing more projects such as this one. She is also interested in being able to create and bring people's stories to life through a visual narrative.

Artist Margaux Jonson. (Submitted by Margaux Jonson)

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