Iceland Express cuts Winnipeg flights to Europe

The airline had just started flying direct to Europe from Winnipeg a few weeks ago.

Iceland Express airlines is cancelling some flights from Winnipeg to Reykjavik and London.

The airline started flying direct to Europe from Winnipeg a few weeks ago. But after the volcano beneath Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull glacier started spewing volcanic ash, causing flight cancellations this spring, pre-bookings for flights out of Winnipeg were scarce.

Iceland Express spokesperson Kristin Thorsteinsdottir said passenger bookings are starting to resume but the economic damage is done. "The bookings were very poor, so we decided to meet those difficulties and cancel some flights."

"Now when the volcano is more or less over, it has now been business as usual," she said. "But we lost those passengers so we had to do this."

Chris Kauffmann is set to leave Wednesday night on Iceland Express but his return flight has been cancelled. That means he has to return almost a week later than planned. He's hoping his new job is not in jeopardy.

"This is a trip of a lifetime — take it — but you may not have a job when you get back."

Iceland Express had two flights a week flying out of Winnipeg, but Thorsteinsdottir said the airline will reduce the service to one flight a week and all flights in September have been cancelled.

Travellers whose flights have been cancelled are being asked to rebook or they can be reimbursed.

She said the airline plans to return to the Winnipeg market next spring.