Homeowners to see school tax increases in Louis Riel, Seine River school divisions

Homeowners face a 3.5 per cent school tax increase in the Louis Riel School Division and a 4.37 per cent increase in Seine River School Division.

Increases of $66 in Louis Riel, $76 in Seine River for the average homeowner

Louis Riel School Division school taxes will go up about 3.5 per cent. (Shutterstock/Syda Productions)

Homeowners in the Louis Riel School Division face a 3.5 per cent school tax increase while those in Seine River School Division are looking at a 4.37 per cent increase, in the latest budgets from the two Manitoba school divisions.

The 2018-19 budget for Winnipeg's Louis Riel School Division keeps administrative spending under three per cent as mandated by the province, said board chair Chris Sigurdson.

"A major priority for this budget was to extend our educational reach to meet the many different needs of our students and families while not overextending our spending," he said. 

The operating budget for the division is increasing by about $5 million for the year for a total of $189.9 million, a spending increase of 3.16 per cent. 

To cover those costs, school taxes will rise 3.5 per cent in Louis Riel School Division, Sigurdson said. The increase in taxes for individual homeowners varies depending on the change in the assessed value of their home.

In last year's budget, Louis Riel homeowners saw a tax increase of 3.89 per cent.

In the provincial budget released Monday, the Manitoba government increased spending for education by 0.5 per cent overall. 

Louis Riel School Division expects to see 445 additional students this year and will hire 20 new teachers, 24 new educational assistants and five new rehabilitation assistants to help special needs students.

The division also plans to continue its all-day kindergarten pilot project in eight classrooms, hire additional Indigenous education staff and direct some funds to infrastructure.

The average homeowner in the Seine River School Division, just south of Winnipeg, will see their taxes rise by $76 — an increase of 4.37 per cent — as the division expects an additional 92 students next year. 

"The school division continues to experience increasing enrolment resulting in pressures on class sizes and inclusive education support services," the SRSD board said in a statement Wednesday.

The division was also able to meet the province's limit on administrative spending. 

By the numbers

Louis Riel School Division:

  • $189.9 million — operating budget.
  • $5.82 million — increase in operating budget.
  • 15,458 — projected number of students.
  • 445 — projected additional students.
  • 3.5 per cent — tax increase for average home.
  • $66.42 — increase for average home.
  • 20.5 — number of new full-time-equivalent teachers.
  • 24.65 — number of new full-time-equivalent educational assistants.

Seine River School Division

  • $54.1 million — operating budget.
  • $754,000 — increase in operating budget.
  • 92 — projected additional students.
  • 1.34 per cent — tax increase for average home.
  • $76.13 — increase for average home.
  • 2 — number of new full-time-equivalent teachers.