Holly Caruk

Video Journalist

Holly Caruk is a video journalist with CBC Manitoba. She began her career as a photo journalist in 2007 and began reporting in 2015. Born and raised in Manitoba, Holly is a graduate of the University of Manitoba's film studies program and Red River College's creative communications program. Email: holly.caruk@cbc.ca

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Union wants safety review after 2 Manitoba corrections officers attacked by inmates in 1 week

The union that represents corrections officers in Manitoba’s jails is calling for an immediate health and safety review, following a second attack on a corrections officer by an inmate in a week.

3-week wait to leave hospital after surgery a waste of resources, says Winnipeg senior

When Keri Connell found out she needed hip replacement surgery, she expected the three-month wait to get into Winnipeg's Grace Hospital for the procedure — but she never imagined there would also be a wait to get out.

Man killed in South Pointe townhome identified as former Daniel McIntyre football player

The man who was found dead in a South Pointe townhome yesterday has been identified as Rig Debak Moulebou. Police say it was the 20-year-old who was found with gunshot wounds inside the home on Tim Sale Drive just before midnight on Monday.

Counsellors to be sent to inner city schools after violent week, division says

The Winnipeg School Division is mobilizing its team of clinical support staff after a week of violent incidents in the city, several of them involving youth.

'No value to anyone other than me': Teen's family offers $500 reward for stolen homemade e-bike

A Winnipeg teen is searching for his homemade e-bike which he says was stolen from Assiniboine Park on Saturday.

Affordable lunch program at North End school means students 'eating like a family'

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but at St. John’s High School in Winnipeg, you can come pretty close. The school launched a new lunch program this fall where the maximum price for a plate of food is $2.50.

'I was scared': Elderly woman stuck outside in wheelchair after being sent home from hospital in cab

An 83-year-old woman says she was sent home from a Winnipeg emergency room in a taxi and ended up stuck outside her home in her wheelchair for nearly two hours in the dark.

Police demonstration shows how speed and distractions affect your driving

I didn't even spot the little blue plastic car when it rolled out into the middle of the road. I blew right past it at 60 km/h. Thankfully, there wasn’t a child on that toy car, and it wasn’t a real roadway.

Winnipeg comedy club defends decision to book Louis C.K. despite sexual misconduct

An American comedian and actor who admitted to sexual misconduct will take the stage at a Winnipeg comedy club next week but not everyone is lining up for tickets.

'This is our home': Group plans to rebuild after homeless camp burned to the ground

Twelve hours after a fire ripped through a homeless camp under the Osborne Bridge, a group of people dropped off bags of donated goods to help those living there begin to rebuild.

'He lives on through her': Therapy dog keeps young man's memory alive

It was a young man’s dying wish to have his best friend - a dog named Nevaeh - continue to bring comfort to people who need it.

Windsor Park residents hold crime prevention meeting in call to 'take back' community

Another Winnipeg community held a meeting Wednesday evening to discuss issues with property crime and the impacts methamphetamine is having on their community.

Severe drought forces several Manitoba rural municipalities to declare state of disaster

More than 10 rural municipalities have declared a state of agricultural disaster in Manitoba after a hot dry summer has left farmers struggling to feed their cattle.

Selkirk man sues Winnipeg businessman over alleged fraudulent land transfer

A man who claims he unknowingly signed over his property in Selkirk, Man., to a Winnipeg businessman is taking the case to court.

Vehicles 'blasting' down St. Vital Road have residents fed up, worried about safety

People living on St. Vital Road in the city’s south end are are fed up with high traffic volumes and speeding cars racing down their residential street.