Hockey dad's outburst sparks condemnation

A recent outburst by a parent at a Winnipeg hockey game has prompted league officials to ponder whether behaviour classes should be mandatory for parents.
A Winnipeg hockey dad was caught on tape threatening other parents, ridiculing children and swearing at a game. The video was later posted to YouTube. 1:05

An outburst by a parent at a Winnipeg hockey game Monday night has hockey associations wondering whether behaviour courses should be mandatory for parents as well as for coaches and officials.

The man, Jason Boyd, was caught on video yelling at and threatening  another parent — who asked him to stop calling his son a midget — during a game Monday night at Southdale Community Centre between St. Andrews and Southdale.

The players were 15 years old. Boyd did not comment on Thursday but his family said his outburst was in the heat of the moment and that he has since apologized.

But the parent who was on the receiving end of the outburst, Chuck Kitson, said he has not received an apology. "There was no apology to the players, to the referees, or to any of the other parents that he insulted," said Kitson.

Peter Woods, executive director of Hockey Manitoba, said he has seen video of the confrontation.

"It's a bit disturbing that people have to treat each other in that particular manner," he said, adding Hockey Manitoba is considering requiring hockey parents to take the same online Respect in Sport course that coaches, managers and hockey officials are required to take.

Board members of the Lord Selkirk Minor Hockey Association, for whom Boyd's son plays, were to meet Thursday night to discuss various options regarding the incident.