Historical death case reopened by RCMP

The RCMP is turning to the public for help in solving an historical case involving the death of Patrick Lawrence Rosner, 20, of Winnipeg.

The RCMP is turning to the public for help in solving an historical case involving the death of Patrick Lawrence Rosner, 20, of Winnipeg.

A farmer discovered a human skull in his hay field near Faulkner, Man., in August 1990. RCMP searches of the area then led to the discovery of additional human remains.

Based on the science of the day, RCMP investigators were advised the remains were believed to be that of a 25- to 40-year-old woman.

The Ashern RCMP continued their efforts to identify the individual but the case went cold.

In 2011, the RCMP historical case unit reviewed the file and on Sept. 7, 2011, the unidentified remains were exhumed for the purpose of further forensic analysis, including DNA extraction.

That examination confirmed the remains were of a man. With this new information, investigators re-focused on missing males from the time.

On July 12, 2012, the remains were confirmed to be those of Rosner.

He was reported missing by his family on June 24, 1989, last seen leaving work by co-workers at Bristol Aerospace in Winnipeg the previous day.

The RCMP Historical Case Unit continues to investigate. His death is being treated as suspicious.

Faulkner is located about 200 kilometres northwest of Winnipeg, near Lake St. Martin.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the RCMP historical case unit at 204-984-6447.