Hinman loses hometown horse race

Wildrose Alliance Leader Paul Hinman lost a tight race in his home riding of Cardston-Taber-Warner, defeating Conservative candidate Broyce Jacobs.

Wildrose Alliance Party Leader Paul Hinman has been defeated in his southern Alberta home riding of Cardston-Taber-Warner.

Hinman took 45.5 per cent of the vote, finishing 39 votes behind Conservative candidate Broyce Jacobs, who took just over 46 per cent.

Liberal Ron Hancock captured just under five per cent of the popular vote, and the New Democratic Party's Suzanne Sirias and Green party hopeful William Turner each received about two per cent of the popular vote.

In the previous legislative session, Hinman was the only elected member of his party. He was first elected to the legislature in a 2005 byelection as leader of the Alberta Alliance party. In January of this year, the Alliance merged with the Wildrose Party, which didn't hold any seats, to form the Wildrose Alliance Party (WAP). 

Unlike many provinces, Alberta does not have a mandatory recount threshold but candidates can request a recount in close races.