Your cart has 50 items: Online shopping a pandemic panacea, or is it?

Winnipeg artist Matea Radic imagines a happy place in a new series by local artists.

Comic by Winnipeg artist explores the happy place between buying, waiting and delivery

Matea Radic is a Winnipeg artist and illustrator. (Submitted by Matea Radic)

CBC Manitoba's Creator Network asked local artists to imagine their happy place as we mark the one-year anniversary of the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada. Here is one of several projects we will share in the coming weeks.

Winnipeg artist Matea Radic plays with the idea of a happy place in her new satirical comic about the false joy of online shopping. In her new comic, the character chases that feeling of anticipation and excitement with a click of the mouse.

The only thing thriving during this pandemic is consumerism. Oh, and Jeff Bezos's jam jam collection.

Tracking packages is an obsession of mine. Where is it? Where is it now? When will it get here? Oh, it's out for delivery! Great. Oh, I owe duty? Here, take my money. It's here. Awesome. I am one thing richer.

Am I though? I thought I was trying to get rid of stuff?

I'll do that next week.

(Matea Radic)

Matea Radic is a visual artist living and working in Treaty 1 Territory. When she's not sitting at her kitchen table drawing, she's either practising new roller-skating moves or making rugs. If you can make her laugh, she'll likely fall in love with you.