Get Back to Nature contest: The winners are…

You voted for the winners, and here they are: the top five entries in CBC Manitoba's Get Back to Nature photo contest!
This photograph of a bird and flower by Desirée Rolfe garnered the most votes by CBC Radio listeners in our Get Back to Nature contest. (Desirée Rolfe)

You voted for the winners, and here they are: the top five entries in CBC Manitoba's Get Back to Nature photo contest!

Each of the winners receives a year-long pass to Fort Whyte Alive, which includes:

  • Choice of a wood duck or screech owl box or wren house.
  • Free cross country ski trail access & snow show rentals.
  • Year-round fishing.
  • 10 per cent off at the Nature Shop.
  • 15 per cent off bird seed purchases.
  • 10 per cent off facility rentals.
  • Discounts for youth camps and adult workshops.
  • 10 per cent off at Shelmerdine Garden Centre in Winnipeg.

The above photograph by Desirée Rolfe garnered the most votes by CBC Radio listeners. Here's what the full picture looks like:

(Desirée Rolfe)

The other winners are:

  • Shelley Stevens
Shelley Stevens sent in this photo of baby birds and eggs in a nest. (Shelley Stevens)
  • Larry de March
Larry de March submitted this photograph of a fox. (Larry de March)
  • Jim Harvey
Jim Harvey took this photograph of an owl in winter. (Jim Harvey)
  • Amanda Blackburn
Amanda Blackburn submitted this landscape photograph. (Amanda Blackburn)

Thanks to all of you for sending in your photos and voting. Check out all the entries here.