Long-serving Liberal MLA asks for better behaviour in the Legislature

Gerrard spoke of unparliamentary language, saying the word 'lie' was used twice on Tuesday during Question Period.

Speaker says she's already conducting a review

Speaker Myrna Driedger says she is looking into behaviour in the chamber. (CBC)

As MLAs trade allegations of harassment and improper procedure, Liberal MLA Jon Gerrard, asked Speaker Myrna Driedger to take a hard look at bad behaviour in the Manitoba Legislature.

"We have a problem in this legislature," the River Heights MLA said Wednesday.

Gerrard asked for an update to house rules, including those governing unparliamentary language. MLAs are forbidden from saying the word "lie" in the chamber, but Gerrard says it was used twice during Question Period on Tuesday. 

Gerrard also noted members of the Government are in the habit of addressing MLAs directly as opposed to directing their comments to the speaker.

He called for an all-party committee to look at the rules and behaviour while the Legislature is in session.

Speaker dismisses point of privilege 

Speaker Myrna Driedger said she is conducting a review of the rules already. 

She found Gerrard didn't have a legitimate matter of privilege under House rules, adding that the MLA who had said the word "lie" in the house Tuesday had corrected herself.

Driedger did warn MLAs to "be more careful about what is said, and also how it is said."

It's not clear when Driedger will complete her review of rules and behaviour in the legislature.

NDP and PC members agreed that work needs to be done to improve decorum in the house and said they looked forward to the completion of Driedger's review.