Garden Hill searchers drag river looking for Teresa Robinson remains

As volunteers continued to comb the woods and river for Teresa Robinson's remains, her mother says nightmares keep her awake at night. But the support Sandra Robinson has received is overwhelming.

Teresa Robinson's mother overwhelmed by support from community volunteers

As volunteers continue to comb the woods and river for 11-year-old Teresa Robinson's remains, her mother is being kept awake my nightmares each night.

The girl's partial remains were found on May 11 shortly after she was reported missing to RCMP. It was initially believed she was mauled by a bear, but RCMP later said they believe she was the victim of homicide. 

Teresa was last seen after attending a birthday party in the community on May 5, and after a community search turned up nothing, RCMP were called. Crews are still searching for the rest of Robinson's remains.
The death of Teresa Robinson, 11, is being investigated as a homicide. (Facebook)

Sandra Robinson said her daughter was a loving and caring girl, and she's been overwhelmed with the support and effort volunteers have put find bring Teresa home. 

Over the weekend, volunteers located what they believe were partial remains. 

"A piece of arm was found and we know that there's still parts missing," said Jack Harper, Garden Hill's search and rescue assistant coordinator. He's been searching for Teresa since day one.

On Tuesday, Harper and other volunteers focused their search in the water, using a burned out mattress and fishhooks to drag the bottom of the river.

Harper said Teresa's death has been difficult for the whole community.

"Emotional, emotional feelings and also emotional that a lot of people are thinking of her, thinking of the family," Harper said.

Hundreds of volunteers have come to Garden Hill to search for Robinson's missing remains. 

Harper said 700 volunteers signed up to help in one day. Volunteers have come from Manitoba and Ontario First Nations, as well as Winnipeg and even Brandon.

John Spence came to volunteer with a group from Manto Sipi Cree Nation.
Garden Hill Search and Rescue Assistant Coordinator, Jack Harper, has been searching for more than 20 days straight for the remains of Teresa Robinson. (CBC)

"We arrived in Garden Hill Thursday morning ... We've been helping out here ever since. I don't know. There's no words I can say. It's been emotional for me ever since I got here," Spence said. "We've been going out everyday searching all day, with this map here. We've been helping them here in the bush. It's been hard."

Classes were cancelled in order to offer space for volunteers involved in the search. The school re-opened on May 29, but some parents in the community are scared to send their children to school.

RCMP said the case remains a priority and are actively investigating Robinson's death.

Volunteers like Harper and Spence said they will continue to search for as long as it takes to bring the family closure.